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A leisurely stroll around Vidhave

A walk around Vidhave is a welcome break and a chance to stretch your legs for everyone, young and old. Here you pass the beach, two watercourses and see the whole area from the heights of Korpklinten.
45 minutes
2.5 km

In less than an hour you can walk along the beach, through beautiful forests and on high cliffs. If you're like us and need to get some exercise, it's an excellent short walk you can burn off in about half an hour.

From Korpklinten there are some unexpected views for those who are curious enough
Gotland's best views of the sea and beach from Korpklinten
The view from Korpklinten is worth the whole walk

Discover and find your way


The small streams that flow into the sea are groundwater that has made its way through the limestone mountain but has come to the surface here. You will pass this watercourse twice on the tour. Cross the bridge and follow the path and you will reach the sea again.


You have just passed the bathhouse that was built by Carl Ekman, an important entrepreneur here on Gotland in the early 1900s. Now it's time to turn around if you don't want to go on to Brucebo. Now you follow the foot of the cliff instead of the sea and soon you start walking in the forest.


Look to the right as you walk up. Hidden in the dense forest is the foundation of the mill wheel of the Kohlens mill, established in the 14th century. The watercourse still flows through here, but only in winter and spring. You pass just below the eastern gates of Lully Hill and immediately afterwards you should turn right.


During spring, autumn and winter you will pass a waterfall about 3m high here. This road was built for transport between Visby and Kohlens mill.


The view towards Visby from Korpklinten on Vidhave
Welcome to Korpklinten, here you are 30m up. On a nice day you can see houses in Visby from here. The concrete bathing piers below were added around 1930 when Snäckviken was a paid bathing place. If you are here on a quiet summer evening, we recommend a picnic here in the evening, as the sun sets over the horizon.


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