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Lovely churches near Visby

You probably know that Gotland has many historic and beautiful churches. We have gathered some cozy churches that you might not know about, but which are located close to Visby. They are well worth a visit to experience Gotland's church architecture.
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The many churches on the island have been key institutions in the development of Gotland's many communities. They offered spiritual comfort, served as social gathering places, contributed to education, had economic and political influence, and played an important role in preserving cultural heritage. Churches served not only as religious buildings but also as a hub for the development of society on Gotland. Today, close to 100 churches are still maintained, which is about one church per 650 inhabitants.

A few minutes outside Visby there are several to visit, often picturesquely located in small communities with agriculture and beautiful nature as neighbors. Here we have collected some that we like ourselves. 

Church of Akebäck

The medieval church in Akebäck just outside Visby was built in the 13th century. With Romanesque architecture, it is built with simple and robust stone walls. It is beautiful and quite typical of the island's churches from this period. If you time your visit with the opening hours, you will have the opportunity to see the church's beautiful paintings from the late Middle Ages. These frescoes cover both walls and arches.  

Church of Valls

The church in the village of Vall was built in the 13th century in Romanesque architecture and is characterized by its tall tower that can be seen from afar. The cemetery has a peaceful memorial grove and the medieval biblical motifs of the roof have been preserved inside. In 2023, an external renovation is underway, limiting the many cultural and religious functions that the church normally has. The exterior is also very beautiful and completely surrounded by fertile farmland.


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