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Kovik's cape & fishing village

Koviks udde with its fishing village, chapel and outstanding views is a must for those who like to explore Gotland's nature, culture and coastal meadows.
Walking, Culture, History, Swimming in the sea
3 hours
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Midway between Tofta and Klintehamn lies scenic Kovik with its fishing village, chapel and outstanding views. We recommend that you spend extra time exploring the nature on the headland. Perhaps you will also venture across the gangway over the water and out onto one of the outer "islands". In the summer, the area is kept open by grazing cows who can sometimes get a little close. They are just curious, not dangerous at all!

It is signposted where you turn off, but on the wrong side of the road. Right after you turn off, you cross a ferry and just beyond is a parking lot and a dry toilet. From here you walk. Feel free to bring a blanket and picnic if you plan to come here on a quiet day. 

Sanda Kovik's fishing village & fishing museum

There is a cozy fishing village in the area that was built around the 1930s, but has a much longer history than that. It is likely that fishing started from here as early as the Viking Age. Feel free to walk among the old buildings, which today also constitute a fishing village museum. The 20 or so fishing huts have been collected from all over the island together with anumber of boats and many fishing objects .


In the middle of the headland is a memorial chapel built in 1963. It is often used for a quiet moment of devotion when it is not booked for weddings and other functions. The building is very typically built for Gotland with a wooden roof and a masonry frame.


Just 100 meters south of the entrance to Kovik you will find Drakjohan's colorful business. It sells kites and windmills in most formats and colors. If you start your visit to Kovik here, you can buy a kite out on the headland, it is a good place to fly. If you or your company has a naughty mind, it is worth a visit, if you are lucky, Johan is in place and can tell you how he became Sweden's international kite expert by accident 🙂. 


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