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All of Gotland

Some suggestions for excursions and places that are not close to us and Visby, but are great destinations for day trips. These are some of our own destinations when we go away for a little break or need to fill up with pleasant memories.

Smokers on Gotland & Fårö

Over tens of thousands of years, Gotland's rauks have been created by the wind and sea erosion of softer rock that has overturned harder formations. Seeing nature's own works of art is part of a visit to Gotland.

Lovely churches near Visby

You probably know that Gotland has many historic and beautiful churches. We have gathered some cozy churches that you might not know about, but which are located close to Visby. They are well worth a visit to experience Gotland's church architecture.

Västergarn fishing village & beach

Västergarn's cute fishing village and sandy beach are perfect for families with small children. An almost unknown beach and swimming from a concrete pier may appeal to you. Also a good opportunity to visit the Stelor restaurant!

Kovik's cape & fishing village

Koviks udde with its fishing village, chapel and outstanding views is a must for those who like to explore Gotland's nature, culture and coastal meadows.

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Tofta beach & Surflogiet

Tofta beach is perhaps Gotland's most famous beach. An approximately 3km long sandy beach where you who love light sand and blue sea will thrive.